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Working out has never been so hard in this hilarious new comedy series by independent filmmakers Selah Victor, Michael Onofri, and Alexa-Sascha Lewin.  TRAINERS follows a band of misfit Personal Trainers who battle each other, absurd clients, and the threat of their less than lovely LA-based gym closing its doors for good.

REGGIE:  Sweat LA's Gym Manager.  He is full of absurd nuggets of wisdom and he eats, sleeps, and breathes the gym.

MANDY:  Actress/trainer, her clients are so not her priority, but getting on TV definitely is and she will do anything to make that happen.

EDDIE:  "The Predicament" hails straight out of Jersey.  His claim to fame: once did 2,107 squats without a break.  He is the best trainer he's ever met. 

AL:   ​Stuck in the closet, a lesbian trainer who insists on being called “Alexandra”, but everyone still calls her "Al".  Al hides her relationship with her girlfriend, Lara.

SAMSON:   Former Mr. America/Mr. Universe, bodybuilder, his outward appearance hides his inner puppy dog love for Kaylie.

JIN:   A Caucasian martial arts specialist, who thinks he is Asian.  He was adopted by Asian parents and so speaks with an Asian accent.

JULIO:  The Latin Lover, well manicured and a perfect physique.  Julio wants to have sex with Julio and thinks the world of his training technique, which he calls “The Technique”. 

KAYLIE:  One of the two front desk greeters.  Kaylie is not entirely comfortable in her own skin and has a huge crush on Scott.  She is also pined over by Samson.

SCOTT:  The other front desk greeter, Scott looks like he stepped out of an Abercrombie Ad.  He is not dumb, but not going to Harvard any time soon. 

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